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CAMPAIGN meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
From the Cambridge English Corpus. Their only pleasures are drink and tobacco, the former being subjected to temperance campaigns to remove even this form of recreation from the workers lives. From the Cambridge English Corpus. However, the main campaign issue was on promoting economic development and reducing the high unemployment rate.
Campaign Wikipedia.
Look up campaign or campaigning in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Campaign or The Campaign may refer to.: 1 Types of campaigns. 3 Arts, entertainment, and media. 4 See also. Types of campaigns edit. Campaign, in agriculture, the period during which sugar beets are harvested and processed.
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But creating customer journeys has never been more approachable than with the visual journey designer. We've' been using Campaign Monitor for a variety of email needs, beyond just traditional email marketing and newsletters, like using automation to nudge people who haven't' completed their profiles in the Girlboss professional network.
Collect campaign data with custom URLs Analytics Help.
Add parameters to URLs to identify the campaigns that refer traffic. By adding campaign parameters to the destination URLs you use in your ad campaigns, you can collect information about the overall efficacy of those campaigns, and also understand where the campaigns are more effective.
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Campaign Definition of Campaign by Merriam-Webster.
campaign kam-pn Definition of campaign. Entry 1 of 2. 1: a connected series of military operations forming a distinct phase of a war the bombing campaign. 2: a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result election campaign an advertising campaign.

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