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Uitspraak van association: Hoe wordt association uitgesproken in het Engels, Frans, Zweeds, Interlingua.
Voorbeeld van association in een zin. The local delegate oversaw the meeting of the association. Uitspraak van The local delegate oversaw the meeting of the association Ingesproken door stlowery Mannelijk uit Verenigde Staten. The local delegate oversaw the meeting of the association.
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KU Leuven Association Thomas More.
How to get here. Thomas More is part of the KU Leuven Association, founded in response to the Bologna Declaration of 1999, which sought to increase synchronisation of higher education in Europe. The KU Leuven Association is an association of the Catholic University of Leuven, 11 University Colleges and the Catholic University of Brussels.
European Shiatsu Association sectie Nederland European Shiatsu Association.
had ik namens leden en bestuur van de European Shiatsu Association een interview met Paula Kobayashi. Shiatsu Namikoshi Seminar Brussel. 29 september 2015. In mei 2015 werd in Brussel een Shiatsu Seminar georganiseerd door Ecole Européen de Massage in samenwerking met Frans Copers ex-president Belgische Shiatsu Federatie en European Shiatsu Federation.
Deltametropolis Association Deltametropool.
The association attaches special value to spatial planning as an instrument to integrate the relatively autonomous developments in watermanagement, cultivated landscape, the pattern of cities and villages, the network of connections and the wide spectrum of commercial activities into a Deltametropolis of internationally acknowledged quality.
Icelandic Association of Local Authorities English Samband íslenskra sveitarfélaga.
The office of the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland is operated in association with the Municipality Credit Iceland MCI, which is a capital loan fund owned by the local authorities. Association of Local Authorities in Iceland. Local Governments in Iceland. Wörterbuch: association: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
Gesellung f account association. Kontenzuordnung f advertising association. Werbefachverband m affiliate association. nahestehende Gesellschaft f AFNOR association Association française de normalisation. AFNOR f offizielle französische Stelle für die Normung QM agricultural association. Landwirtschaftsverband m agr. Alpinverein m climbing alumni association.
association Definition of association in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
The plates of the guests were never less than half-full and yet association members were concerned that people did not have enough to eat. The association reacted to the strike by locking out workers at 14 other association member hotels.
Dutch Basketball Coaches Association.
Association for Computing Machinery.
CRA Releases 2020 Quadrennial Papers. The Computing Research Association recently released the first of more than a dozen planned white papers exploring areas and issues around computing research with the potential to address national priorities over the next four years.

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